A New Direction

It was a pretty busy week for me here.  Six cakes and some cupcakes.  Pheww. Thankful for saturday.

It did get me thinking about where I want to go with this business and what I need to do to get there. I love baking. Not just cakes, any kind of baking, but I also love to do lots of other things like sculpting, pottery, watercolor. Making cakes allows me to mix all of those things into one.  The thing that has been hardest for me in this business is managing my time and really figuring out how long certain things take to do.  Baking the cake and making icing, those are pretty quick basic things.  Sculpting and painting individual flowers and figures? Those are the things that take more time than you would think. Not to mention design planning.

Where is this leading?  I’m going to start to offer a collection of designs to choose from as “special occassion”cakes.  There will be plenty of kid friendly cakes to choose from and some fanciful things for adults too.  I will still offer custom cakes, but the price structure will be different.

Why am I doing this?

A few reasons.  The main one that inspired it was how much time I really spend on decorating these cakes and asking myself how much my time is really worth.  Would I take another job, away from my family, that paid me less than minimum wage?? NO way.  So why am I doing it to myself.  Stressing myself out for not much return.

Another important reason that I didn’t fully appreciate when I started on the custom cake path was being fair to other bakers in my area.  I called around to see what other people were charging.  From the local family Italian bakery, to the high end boutique shops.  Overall I’m not doing anyone  any favors by charging below market value.  It takes away from everyone.

And if you’re asking yourself why custom cakes start at over $100 in the cake world, it’s because of the time that goes into them.  For me it wasn’t that I fully didn’t grasp that concept at the beginning, it was just that business was slow, I was learning as I went  and I didn’t pay much attention to the time.  After 3 years of just being home with the kids I was BAKING!!! I enjoyed every second, and took my time.  Now that I have more cakes per week I can’t spend 3 or more days thinking on every custom cake design. So, I want to offer 12-15 designs to choose from, with some customization available within the designs. Fairies, flowers, Star Wars, sports, dinosaurs.   You know, fun kids cakes. And some fun grown up ones too.

I’m even planning a whole party package, which includes a 6” cake and cupcakes with display stand.

I’m really excited about this new direction and hope you’ll enjoy the results.

In the next few weeks I’ll be reorganizing this blog to showcase the new cakes, but I do have the basics written down in my trusty Moleskin notebook, so get in touch to find out what the new options will be.  I even have some photos!!


That’s it for now.  Have a good Sunday.

Take Care,




One thought on “A New Direction

  1. This is an awesome post, Mama… I am so proud of you for honing your skills again. I love you and your cakes. Let’s remember how long it takes to do the BLOGGING about all of this good stuff.
    I think your direction is sailing toward great success at this point…I love your new ideas and appreciate the time you took to do all of your research… xoxo
    Sista (Mama) Age

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