Mama Bakes Cakes’ owner Reve Drapeau began her culinary career in Montreal at the age of five as chief crepe maker and peanut butter cookie baker for her dad. Amid rave reviews from her dearest critic, Reve’s love of creating delectable treats was born.


Reve’s passion for cooking grew stronger in her years as a chef in restaurants around the country. During this time, she developed a love of baking and wanted to pursue a career in this field. She perfected her art as a baker, graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 2000.  She worked as the assistant pastry chef at One Market (Lark Creek Restaurant Group) in San Francisco and created works of art in the form of pastries and bread from San Diego to Montreal.


Reve’s love of baking, using natural ingredients, continued in the years she stayed home to raise her children. She used this time to read, research, practice, and truly hone her art, inventing flavor combinations and designing eye-catching decorations that were truly unique.


Mama Bakes Cakes came into being in the summer of 2011 when friends, after seeing Reve’s stunning cakes, pleaded for her creations for their own kids’ birthdays. From this, a business was born and birthday cakes paved the way for celebratory confections of all kinds. Cakes to honor anniversaries, christenings, holidays, and other special days are all now part of Reve’s repertoire.


Mama Bakes Cakes showcases Reve’s inspired creations, unforgettably delicious cakes that taste as wonderful as they look!


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  1. A question for a blog discussion: “What is the reason for letting dough “rest” before rolling it out? Does it make a difference if it rests in or out of the fridge? How long should it rest?

    • Letting the dough rest is always necessary. It allows the wheat protein, gluten, to relax. Think of it as a rubber band that gets tighter the more you handle it. Resting the dough allows the “rubber band” to become loose again.
      Where the dough rests depends on the kind of dough. Pastry dough, like pie crust, should rest in the refrigerator. That keeps the butter cold, which is needed for lamination (or a flaky crust) while the proteins relax, so it won’t snap back when you try to roll it out.
      A bread dough should rest at room temp. Refrigeration would slow down the yeast (which is something you might want, but that’s a whole different conversation), so leave it out so you can roll or form. Hope that helps. Best of luck on your baking endeavor!

      • Thanks Reve – I forgot I asked a question. I love your blog, love your cakes and love you!!! You are an amzing wealth of good information. You know your craft, Mama!!!

  2. Yo Mama,

    You be making some good cakes!!

    My kids loved your cake.

    And you were a pleasure to work with.

    Thanks for all you do.


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